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VMAX 'The V-Speed'

V-Speed 1700 the Cafe Dragster by Liberty Yam 
Many of you will have noticed a significant presence of Yamaha motorcycles in these pages, the reason is not what some people think it is to form a preference over the other bikes, but only that the project Yard Built have involved many dealerships that have created significant special.

Yamaha XSR700 - Born tomorrow

The first production motorcycle defined by Yamaha’s Faster Sons philosophy has arrived. 
Taking everything cool from Yamaha’s rich heritage of iconic machines, including the legendary XS650, the XSR700 adds cutting edge technology to the mix for an amazing riding experience.  If you want the best of both worlds, the XSR700 is here to deliver.

"2 Stroke Attack" Born Free 7

Yamaha RD 400 by Roland Sands 
When Roland got the invite to be a Born Free builder this year he decided to build something for himself. There would be plenty of amazing choppers and American  Vtwins at the show so to push the envelope a bit and be true to his racing roots he chose to build a two stroke race bike. Powered by a 1974 vintage Yamaha RD 400 motor wedged into a 1997 TZ chassis the bike promised to be interesting. Sourcing parts from the shelves of Team Roberts Grand Prix race bikes as well as Roland’s own stock pile of TZ 250 GP bits the machine’s racing heritage grew into a bike that balanced the custom world with that of GP racing. Fast, incredibly light and good handling the RDTZ is a blast from the past and a look into the future of what custom bikes can be. All fab and build were done by Roland and the team at RSD including Aaron Boss and Scotty Diminick.

XJR by Garage9

Yamaha XJR 1300 by Garage9 
Pochi interventi ma mirati per questa cafe racer nel progetto Yard Built Sport Heritage. 
Cerchi a raggi tubeless , eliminazione cassa filtro per dare più brio al motore e uni scarico più libero cosi per dare voce e potenza .Grafica molto sobria che gioca sui toni del nero, grigio e azzurro .