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Buell XB9 Iron Pirate Garage -

Nera corta , spigolosa , cattiva ma allo stesso tempo elegante , IuriCastaldi è riuscito a dare un nuovo volto a una delle moto con maggiore carattere che esista ...Erik Buell aveva visto giusto con la sue moto. 

Scrambler_MK II_Metin

Triumph by Van Hai Nguyen - Photographer: Klaus Huber-Abendroth

Io me la godo

Mentre il mondo va a rotoli....Io prendo la mia moto e me ne vado al mare, io me la godo.

“Me la godo” è una canzone in cui dico chiaramente una cosa: per un momento proviamo ad allontanarci dalle fatiche della vita, dalle brutture del mondo, e proviamo a “godere” di tutto, dalle piccole cose alle più grandi e importanti. Alziamo le braccia e urliamo “io me la godo”: è così liberatorio!


Photo & bike courtesy of Svako Motorcycle Inc 

Iron Bikers

Iron Bikers is THE event of the character ... All races motorcycles machines or series before 1981 are welcome on the track. And all that is bizarre, prepared, customized with passion. No limit to the capacity and the imagination, the moment it is made in the spirit of bikes of the 60 and 70. 


21 DAYS UNDER THE SKY is an unconventional true story about those men who won't conform. 

Four guys meet in San Francisco to start a 3,800 mile ride down the Lincoln Highway – the oldest coast to coast route connecting the east to the west. 

Watch the Trailer


Singer GP

In un mondo dove fantomatici artisti costruiscono oggetti da mettere in mostra partendo da moto funzionati, il nostro artista fa un percorso nettamente al contrario.



BMW S 1000 RR Custom Project

BMW Motorrad present the BMW S 1000 RR Custom Project prepared by Praem. This hypersportive was fully customized by Sylvain Florent Berneron and in homage to the heyday of the endurance races of the 80 The perfect link between the world of racing and customization.


Kawasaki Z650 by Wrench Kings

Hey guys! Can you do some small modifications on my Kawa Z650 from 1978? That’s how Mitchel’s bike started. And of course we can do some small modifications… But why not let us do the whole bike?

T300 Garage Built

Triumph T300 is a motorcycle with a thousand resources, it is suitable for numerous changes in different styles.
This is my conviction that the same Stephan Kraus has built this bike inspired by the Porsche 911 Magnus Walker, then a character bike but it can also be used.

Hammered Art